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Government of Aragon

The Government of Aragon holds executive power within the autonomous community, whose seat is in the city of Zaragoza.


Its originates historically from the Diputación del General del Reino de Aragón, an institution that was restored by royal decree in March 1978 as part of the pre-autonomy process begun in Spain after the return to democracy. Since then the Government of Aragon has progressively gained administrative powers following approval of the Statute of Autonomy as the guarantor of a range of public services transferred from the State or from other pre-existing public institutions. The President of Aragon is elected by the Cortes de Aragón and appoints members of his or her government. These members, called councillors, are responsible for the administration of matters within their scope of power, and they also take decisions regarding public investment in their respective portfolios.

The Government of Aragon is determined to turn Aragon into a benchmark territory in terms of making the knowledge economy, innovation and sustainability the region’s main drivers of economic growth. The International Expo 2008, whose theme was Water and Sustainable Development, marked a profound transformation for the region through a series of milestones that transcended the facilities created. Expo 2008 was an example of the international-level achievements that we Aragonese people are capable of making through consensus and having a shared vision. As a continuation of the Expo, and in line with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, the Government of Aragon is promoting EBRO 2030, a transformative programme that coordinates different strategies of the Government of Aragon and proposes actions within the territory. These actions are to include international events and a unique content plan for the spaces in the Expo area. Mobility City is therefore a strategic commitment to transform the autonomous community through mobility-related sectors in a way that will place Aragon at the cutting-edge of public policies and public-private partnership designed to foster sustainable growth in the economic, environmental, social and institutional spheres.